02 SEO company los angeles – Warning: DONT hire an SEO company before


It may shock you to learn that if you hire an SEO company or service in Los Angeles, it can literally cost your business’s entire online reputation. In today’s day and age, any guy in his mom’s basement can start an “SEO company” but what does that mean for you?

So if you’re interested in hiring a search engine optimization company in LA, think carefully before you make a horrendous mistake.


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8 thoughts on “02 SEO company los angeles – Warning: DONT hire an SEO company before

  1. Los Angeles SEO? Please consider re-title of this video. Website owners are already unsure of an industry that I must agree is full of the "so-called, (Los Angeles SEO). It is a fact that some of the nation's leading publishers will support your findings and quote that of like Forbes article sharing "95% of SEO offers are SCAMS".

    That said, what about us? With headlines like "WARNING" and "DONT hire an SEO"…

    I hope that you will consider that there are those of us…

    Rated A+
    Never a single complaint
    Recent and a history of real reviews of DOMINATING CLIENTS

    NOT TO QUESTION YOUR KNOWLEDGE, as far as I could tell and we looked at much, you appear to be at the top of the SEO community and with an eye on Google.

    I just arrived in LA SEO search results for our Seattle-based SEO company and probably not close to our visibility as the leading Seattle SEO company. That said… if I would have seen that the real and knowledgeable SEO's to be sending out the negative side of many SEO's, well, probably would have targeted Chicago.

    I mean what about… Talk to us first, before those who's definition of SEO falls far short. (or) At Modern Workers our SEO methods stay modern. "today and tomorrow".

    Please consider… I truly hope. ( :


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